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There have been a lot of developments in the gaming industry with game creators coming up with more sophisticate games that offer lots of entertainment to the ardent gamers. The increased use of smart phones have also made it possible for people to have the games whenever they are and this has ensured access to entertainment at all times. Excellent sounds and graphics and the fact that there are emulateur 3ds pc et machave also enhanced the gaming experience and made it possible to have high quality games in a number of platforms.

It is not a secret that game simulation has taken over the gaming industry and the sole purpose of this is to give the play the ultimate experience and bring reality as close as possible with every gaming session. Though there is plethora of games released every year, here are some of the simulation games to watch out for in 2014.

Football Manager 2014

Being that this is the year of the world cup finals the football manager is one of the most played games in the planet today; especially by lots of soccer enthusiasts. The 2014 version is more advanced than the previous versions and it comes with superb sound and graphics. The essence of the game is to try and give the player the real experience on what it takes to run a real football club. As the manager, you are at the helm of making very crucial decision which can either bring success or disgrace to the club. This amazing 3D game should never miss in the gaming basket of any soccer fan.

Cities in Motion

Cities in Motion is another simulation game that is shaking the whole gaming industry. With advanced play modes such as day and night modes as well as the campaign and the multiplayer modes, the game offers plenty in terms of choice and variety. Cities in Motion give the players the ability to manage and construct advanced transportation systems within already existing cities. As a player you have to make lots of decision regarding which type of transit systems will be suitable for the different metro areas. You must also have in mind that each choice comes with a consequence and you must try to offer mitigation measures for every negative consequence so as to be successful.


This is one of the best simulation games that represent the real world modern cities. One admirable feature about this game is that it makes the player aware of the normal consequences that result with man’s quest to build up the modern cities. For instance, in the course of playing the game you will have to make decision which will have accompanying consequences. One example is the decision to build an industry which will offer job opportunities while at the same time increasing the levels of pollution in areas around the industry. The 2014 version is also rich with a lot of features that enhances the gaming experience. You have the option of playing with friends and collaborating together to build a city or you can as well challenge them to dominate a particular region. No other game in the series is more challenging and more complex as this particular one as it also gives you the ability to macro manage or micro manage all the aspects of building the city. 

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